Three reasons to choose us
  • Professional team

    · Accurately grasp the market trends
    · Collect various kinds of products from the market
    · Propose the hot selling products to customers
  • Excellent factory resources

    · Local industrial advantages around Ningbo
    · Long-term cooperation
    · 6 knitting factories
    · 5 tatting factories
    · 4 elastomer production factories (sports equipment)
    · 5 finished product factories
    · 3 accessories factories
  • Quality and Delivery

    · 2 experienced QC personnel
    · 3 Japanese inspection companies in long-term cooperation
    · Strict control and management from sample to shipment
Hot Selling Products
  • Garden
  • 靴下
  • Interior
  • Fitness
  • Apparel


The best partner for relaxing time and creating healing space. Cute shape, not only as a candle, as a room decoration, but also a fashion. Color / size / shape can be customized.

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Pet Supplies

Nowadays, pets have gradually become our friends or even family members. As a result, the purchase rate of pet products has also greatly increased. By far, we have developed more than 10 kinds of pet supplies including not only pet nests, toys, and clothing, but also other consumables for you to choose, and we hope you could enjoy the time with your pets with them.

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Indoor storage

The storage boxes are made of transparent acrylic material and are equipped with suede storage bases. The storage boxes not only offer you a customized space for your jewelry, but also a decoration of your room. In order to ensure the quality, we have built a long-term cooperative relationship with plastic products factories, and we have developed the main groceries including storage products, decorative ornaments, and other indoor supplies. The direct factory sources make it easier for customers to place orders according to their own needs.

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Bathroom mat

A soft, skin friendly, fast drying and breathable, extremely fast water absorption, anti-skid bottom, convenient cleaning bathroom mat is a necessity item to your daily life. High density weaving makes the wool thicker and more compact, which not only brings us comfortable foot feeling, but also enhances the effect of water absorption and fast drying. Blankets, towels and bathroom mats are playing a major part of our daily life, and meanwhile they are also one of the groceries exported by us. Our long-term cooperative factories, which are certificated by Disney, can provide different fabrics according to customers' price needs.

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Yoga column

It is suitable for whole-body massage, with comfortable hardness and concave convex texture on the surface. As long as you simply roll the Yoga column, you can relax the muscles of the whole body. The size is also very suitable for carrying with you. Colo

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The fabric feels comfortable to the touch and has enough elasticity to fit the body perfectly. It is not only suitable for sports, but also can be worn as a fashionable dress.

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Massage ball

The small size is easy to carry and easy to use. Comfortable hardness, simple shape can be used for the whole body, just roll easily to relax the muscles of the whole body. The color is fresh and can make you relax at home.

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Yoga mat

The best yoga mat for stretching and exercising. The style is simple, and the surface has concave and convex processing. The size is right and there is enough flexibility. Color/size can be customized according to customer needs.

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Knitted crew neck shirt

Comfortable raglan sleeve design T-shirt, the front embroidery attracts the eye, and the soft cotton fabric is used, which is also a big selling point.

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Knitted/woven patchwork dress

Knitted threads are used as the main body of the T-shirt, and the dress is made of woven plaid. The two fabrics are spliced together unexpectedly and harmoniously.

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Quickly collect different kinds of products and select suitable products for customers to make proposals. According to customers' needs, select suitable factories to follow up.

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